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Chairman Battery Service Instructions

  1. CONCORDE VALVE REGULATED (SEALED) LEAD-ACID BATTERIES are serviced and charged at the factory and should be boost-charged every ninety days when in storage, or if their open circuit voltage falls below 12.5 volts for a 12 volt batteries or 6.25 volts for 6 volt batteries.
  2. Boost charge batteries using a regulated constant potential charger, such that the output is 14.1 to 14.4 volts (for 12 volt batteries). The batteries will be fully charged when the current drops to approximately 0.5 amperes for one hour.
  3. Batteries that have not been boost charged every 90 days and have been in storage for long periods of time (no greater than 9 months) may need a conditioning charge. This is accomplished by charging the batteries at the rate noted in the chart below. The batteries should be charged at this rate until the battery voltage remains constant or decreases for one hour, or the battery reaches 115°F while on charge.
    Part Number Constant
    Rate (amps)
    AGM-1234T 2
    AGM-1240T 2
    AGM-1248T 2
    AGM-1255T 3
    AGM-1265T 3
    AGM-1280T 4
    Part Number Constant
    Rate (amps)
    AGM-12100T 5
    AGM-12105T 5
    AGM-12210L 10
    AGM-12255L 12
    AGM-6100L 5
    AGM-6220U 11
  4. Reserve capacity test procedure.
    a) Make sure the battery is charged in accordance with paragraph 2.
    b) With the battery temperature above 70oF(21.1oC), discharge the battery at 25A to 10.50 volt (1.75 volts per cell), for a 12 volt battery.
    c) If the battery fails to deliver 80% of its rated capacity it should be replaced.
  5. Refer to the electrical specification sheet for rated capacity (minutes of discharge at 25 A).