Marine & RV application
12 Free Replacement Months
60 Pro-rate Months


Electric Vehicles
3 Free Replacement Months
6 Pro-rate Months


All Electric Machinery
0 Free Replacement Months
3 Pro-rate Months


All other Applications
3 Free Replacement Months
9 Pro-rate Months


Should the battery become defective due to a manufacturers defect (not merely discharged) within the free replacement period the battery will be replaced no charge. After the free replacement period the battery will be pro-rated as listed above.


The warranty period starts at the time of purchase and applies to the original purchaser of the battery and is non-transferable. If the original receipt is lost, the warranty will be based on the battery date code. The pro-rated price will be based on the customers original purchase price. If the receipt is lost the pro-rated price will be the average current retail price.


The limited warranty covers defects in material, workmanship and failure, except where such failure is due to abuse, neglect or breakage. The limited warranty does not cover discharged batteries, batteries that have been opened, frozen, sulfated batteries due to undercharging, diminishing capacity due to battery age, split open battery cases, transportation, rental, testing, housing, freight or installation costs.


Replacement batteries will be provided at the time the warranty is requested. Credit will not be issued after the purchase of a new battery. For warranty contact any local dealer listed on our website. If there are no local dealers, please contact Lifeline Inc at (800) 527-3224.