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Lifeline LL-12V100-27 Lithium Battery

$799.00 $969.00

The Lifeline Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is designed to be a drop-in replacement for recreational and marine vehicles that require long lasting deep cycle power. With 2X's the power and up to 10X's the lifespan of traditional lead acid batteries they are the solution to all your energy storage needs.

Attn: This battery is intended for deep cycle us only . It should not be installed as a starting battery. 

  • HIGH CYCLE LIFE - 3500 cycles @80% DoD for effectively lower total cost of ownership.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lifeline Lithium batteries provide more watt hours per lb while also being up to 1/3 the weight of its SLA equivalent.
  • BUILT IN CIRCUIT PROTECTION - Battery Management Systems (BMS) are incorporated to protect against abuse.
  • BETTER STORAGE - Up to 6 months, due to extremely low self-discharge (LSD) rate and no risk of sulfation.
  • QUICK RECHARGE - Save time and increase productivity with less down time due to superior charge and discharge efficiency.
  • EXTREME HEAT TOLERANCE - Suitable for use in a wider range of applications where ambient temperature is unusually high: up to +131°F.
  • LONGER SERVICE LIFE - Low maintenance batteries with stable chemistry. Easily monitor battery status via mobile APP.

Lifeline LL-12V100-27 Lithium Battery Owners Manual

Lifeline LL-12V100-27 Lithium Battery Spec Sheet



Length in. (mm)

12.1" (307mm)

Width in. (mm)

6.6" (168mm)

Height in. (mm)

8.7" (221mm)

Weight lbs (kg)

26.7 lbs (12.2 kg)

Nominal Capacity

100 Ah

Capacity @ 20 Amp Load

300 Minutes


1280 Wh

Self Discharge

<3% / Month

Max Continuous Discharge Current

100 A

Peak Discharge Current

200 A (3 seconds)

Automatic Low Temp Disconnect

Triggered at 32°F (0°C)

Automatic High Temp Disconnect

Triggered at 149°F (65°C)

Lifeline Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Limited Warranty

  • All Lifeline Lithium Batteries are covered by a Limited 5 Year Warranty which includes 1 Year Free replacement and 60 Months pro-rated warranty.
  • Please keep a record of your proof of purchase. This will be needed to process a warranty claim in the event you are having performance issues with your battery.
  • Non-Transferable – The warranty period starts at the time of purchase and applies to the original purchaser of the battery and is non-transferable. The pro-rated price will be based on the customers original purchase price. If the receipt is lost the pro-rated price will be the average current retail price.
  • Should the battery become defective due to a manufacturers defect (not merely discharged) within the free replacement period the battery will be replaced at no charge. After the free replacement period the battery will be pro-rated as listed above.
  • Lifeline Lithium limited warranty covers defects in material, workmanship and failure, except where such failure is due to:
    • Abuse, neglect or breakage
    • Discharged batteries
    • Batteries that have been opened, or frozen
    • Batteries that have been opened, modified, or tampered with o Diminishing capacity due to battery age
    • Split open battery cases
    • Damage caused during shipping or mishandling of the product o Damage due to improper installation, including:
    • Loose terminal connections
    • Under-Sized cabling
    • Incorrect series or parallel connections ▪ Reverse polarity connections
    • Insufficient ventilated space for airflow
  • Environmental damage:
    • Inappropriate storage conditions as defined by the manufacturer (see User Manual and Specification Sheet) o Exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures
    • Fire or freezing
    • Water damage
    • Impact or collision
  • Damage due to improper operation or maintenance: (see User Manual)
    • Undercharging
    • Overcharging
    • Cold-temperature charging
    • Lack of cleaning resulting in corroded terminal connections or build-up of dirt, debris, organic matter, fossil fuels or chemicals on the battery casing
  • Lifeline Lithium reserves the right to deny warranty in the event of:
    • Tampering or removal of the battery manufacturer date codes o Batteries that have been used for applications other than which they were originally designed and intended by the manufacturer, i.e. starting/cranking applications (see User Manual)
    • Under-sized battery banks
  • Lifeline Lithium batteries that are used in motorized applications with an alternator may be damaged by unregulated high out-put current and will not be covered under warranty unless batteries are installed with either:
    • An alternator with external regulator that includes temperature, voltage, and current sensor
    • An external alternator regulator with temperature, voltage, and current sensor
    • DC to DC charger
  • Lifeline Lithium limited warranty does not cover batteries that have reached their normal end of life due to usage which may occur prior to the Warranty Period. Batteries can only deliver a fixed amount of energy over its lifespan which will occur over different periods of time depending on the application.
  • Lifeline Limited Warranty does not cover transportation, rental, testing, housing, freight, or installation costs.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if the battery is determined, upon inspection, to be at its normal end of life even if within the Warranty Period.


This limited warranty is in lieu of, and manufacturer disclaims and excludes, all other express warranties. Lifeline Batteries, Inc. further limits the duration of all, whether statutory, express, or implied warranties, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, to the warranty period. In no event shall Lifeline Batteries, Inc. be liable for any loss or

damages of any other kind, whether direct, incidental, consequential including lost profits, exemplary, special or otherwise, including any lost profits or removal, shipping, or installation expenses.


Some countries and/or states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which may vary from country to country and/or state to state. This warranty is understood to be the exclusive agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof.


To submit a warranty claim, please contact the original place of purchase. The battery may be required to be shipped back to the manufacturer for further inspection. Batteries must be shipped in compliance with UN38.3. Please note that DOT requires all persons shipping batteries to be Hazmat certified.


Replacement batteries will be provided at the time the warranty is requested. Credit will not be issued after the purchase of a new replacement battery.
For warranty contact any local dealer listed on our website, www.lifelinebatteries.com/find-a-dealer. If there are no local dealers, please contact Lifeline Batteries, Inc at (800) 527-3224.

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