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Modern day electronics make modern day energy bills for most businesses, homes, and apartments. Power usage is standard practice. However, as fossil fuels become more and more scarce, this status quo will change. Many have begun their preparation by installing electrical generation (solar panels, wind generators, & wires to hook them up to), storage (deep cycle batteries), and conversion systems (charge controllers and inverters) to their modern electrical grid connection. Inside your home, you are capable of being self sufficient. Let BD Batteries help you build the custom battery backup system for clean power required medical, mobile, home, and commercial applications. We know battery applications, and know how to make your installation UL approved, code compliant, and more. Just ask via the contact form.

Highest Quality AGM Batteries Available!

Highest Quality Deep Cycle Batteries Available with Lifeline Marine RV Batteries, SunXtender Solar/Renewable Energy Batteries, and Chairman Traction Batteries.

lifeline batteries

Lifeline Marine and RV Batteries
Lifeline Batteries are the Gold Standard in Marine and RV circles. Original Equipment on over 100 of the top manufacturer's equipment, there really is no other choice when it comes to your battery, AGM Lifeline technology can't be beat!
Lifeline Marine AGM Battery
Sun Xtender Batteries

Sun Xtender Deep Cycle High Efficiency Renewable Energy Batteries
Sun Xtender Batteries are Deep Cycle, Sealed, Maintenance Free, AGM batteries similar to those delivered under military spec to the US Military. The Best Solar Batteries Available at 88-102% efficient!!! These batteries make it easy to live green!
Solar AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Chairman Traction, Standby, and Wheelchair Batteries.
Chairman Traction / Standby / Wheelchair Batteries
Battery Chemistry Comparison - VRLA vs GEL vs AGM
Comparison Between Gel Batteries and AGM Batteries
Battery Chemistry Comparison - VRLA vs GEL vs AGM
Lifeline and Sun Xtender Battery Features
Deep Cycle Battery Performance Graphs
Battery Charging Procedures

High Performance Racing Car Batteries

Total Power Logo
Total Power Racing Batteries
Total Power Racing Batteries
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The Rock Racing Batteries
Rock Racing Batteries

Highest Quality Machine Made AGM Batteries Available Optima Performance Batteries

Optima Batteries Logo
Optima Batteries Intro
Optima AGM Batteries Information
Optima Starting Batteries
Optima Red Top Starting Battery

Optima Marine Batteries
Optima Blue Top Marine Battery Line

Optima Hybrid Batteries
Optima Yellow Top Hybrid Battery Line

Custom Battery Backup Systems

custom battery backup systems, charger - battery - inverter
Custom Battery backup systems are the specialty of BD Batteries. BD Batteries offers clean power bank systems for all kinds of applications including medical, automotive, rv, and home applications utilizing the highest quality AGM batteries available on the market today! Learn more about renewable energy and backup systems components with 101 introductions or review system setups to construct your own battery backup system.
Battery Chargers Info
Battery Inverters Info
Lags, Sags, Surges Spikes and Transients
Grid Tie Info
Custom Uninterruptable Power Supplies Info
Wire Rules and Info

Renewable Energy Systems

renewable energy system batteries, solar and wind Solar & Photovoltaic Power Generation Wind Powered Electricity Generation
Solar & Wind Energy Generators from BD Batteries. BD Batteries is dedicated to the renewable energy movement and offer information and resources to help you begin utillizing renewable energy by way of harvesting solar energy and wind energy. Click on the following links to view our wind generators and solar panel generation systems.
Available Solar Panels & Photovoltaic Power Generation
Wind Power Generators & Wind Electricity Generation
Hydro Electric Energy Generation
Battery Load Calculators
Not sure how much power you need for your load? We tried to make the process easier by offering a RV battery and marine sizing calculator in addition to solar power production , solar panel output and energy needs, solar power backup battery sizing, and voltage drop over length of wire calculators.

Battery Charging, Battery Cables, & Accessories

No system is complete without the connections. BD Batteries supplies a full line of lugs, wire, diodes, chargers, testing equipment, and so much more. Click on the links below for more.
AGM Battery Chargers
Battery Chargers
DC - AC Power Inverters
Wire Lugs
Wire Lugs, Connectors, & Ring Terminals
Diodes for DC Current Loads
Battery Wire
DC Stranded Copper Wire
Fuse Holders & Fuses
ANL, ANN, & Bolted Fuses
High Amperage Component Protection
Battery Boxes
Battery Boxes
buss bars
Stainless Steel,
& Steel Buss Bars
Coming Soon
Power Supply
Packages - UPS kits

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