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Battery maintenance and repair parts resourcing no longer has to be difficult. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality AGM batteries and easy to use accessories to consumers for solar, medical, marine and rv applications. You no longer have to suffer though low performance, high maintenance, and short-lived batteries thanks to the efficient and maintenance free Lifeline and Sun Xtender Battery Lines we distribute in the state of Colorado. These batteries, in combination with our pre-constructed line of battery accessories can be arranged into many full kits that meet specification. You select the parts (we include simple instructions). If you are a little savier with electrical wiring, we also offer a wide variety of accessories enabling you to construct your own connections for full renewable energy systems (*BD Batteries takes no responsibility for local code compliance outside the state of Colorado). Each system is complete with a one-year warranty and all products include free shipping.

BD Batteries - Suppliers of The Highest Quality AGM Batteries Available.
Company History and Timeline

The Rocky Mountain Region, including Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and the hundreds of Communities in betweeen were in need of a battery distribution warehouse for the highest end battery products available. The owners of Broomfield Designers recognized this need in 2003 as they have been intimately involved with much of the battery industry since.

Since 2000, Broomfield Designers has written and published over 50,000 pages of information regarding AGM batteries, their uses in the field, user guides, technical manuals, and more. Pages bearing the Broomfield Designers' name, photos, and text are on many of the highest ranked battery pages published on the internet.

Now we are offering much of this expertise to the public via the BD Batteries venue. BD Batteries works with Colorado liscensed electricians, top Quality RV and Coach Dealerships, and Marine Distributors in Colorado to provide this expertise locally. BD Batteries stocks and distributes batteries to the Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, and surrounding Front Range corridor of Colorado. WE DO DELIVER!

May 15th 2007 BD Batteries introduces their first Public Battery Distribution Center @ Cool Toys Marine in Littleton Colorado.

Batteries Denver
June 10th 2007 BD Batteries releases for Public Consumption. We not only distribute batteries, but wire, diodes, fuses, inverters, chargers, and other top grade accessories DC accessories. In addition we have solidified sourcing for solar panels, inverters, grid ties, and other DC-AC components via our distribution agreements.

October 1st 2007 BD Batteries completes agreements with Total Power Racing Batteries

Total Power Racing Battery Dealer
BD Batteries is proud to supply an American Made Battery that is top notch. Total Power Racing Batteries are arguably the best racing batteries on the planet. There is only one other that competes, and that is coming soon! Pound for pound Total Power batteries are the best batteries made for racing. They allow racers to downsize their battery, more than a size, shedding valuable weight, and increasing the speed of the vehicle. If you want a lightweight battery you need to check out these batteries.

Rock Racing Battery Dealer
BD Batteries is proud to supply the other American Made Battery that is comparable to Total Power Racing Batteries, The Rock Racing Batteries. This is the other battery line that can claim they are the best racing batteries on the planet for most vehicles, but they have a trump card in their lineup, The 16 Volt Battery. Rock Racing offers the 16 volt for those that need the power to start a really big engine, comfortably. Pound for pound Total Power and Rock Racing batteries are the best batteries made for racing. These batteries are lightweight, allow racers to downsize their battery, more than a size, and increasing the speed of the vehicle. We think it is a tossup between these two brands.

November 2007 BD Batteries is proud to announce the University of Colorado Photovoltaic Laboratory
University of Colorado Solar and Phototvoltaic Labs
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BD Batteries is proud to be the supplier of American Made AGM Batteries to the University of Colorado for their continued solar and photovoltaic studies. Sun Xtender Batteries were selected for the lab's rough itenerary of testing as they are the safest, longest lasting, and most technologically advanced Solar batteries available.
For more information on these studies, check back soon!

December 1st 2007 BD Batteries receives the keys........ We are a one stop shop for all of your DC power needs in the Front Range of Colorado, and now we have a home. We are in the process of moving in our equipment, setting up the offices, and preparing for you to come see us. Check back soon, our grand opening should happen early in 2008. We will be located off I-25 in Denver, Colorado near the I-76 and I-36 interchange.

December 12th 2007 BD Batteries completes agreements to Supply Optima High Performance Circular Cell AGM Batteries
Optima Battery Dealer
BD Batteries now offers the most popular, economical, and widely used AGM batteries on the market. The Optima Circular Cell AGM batteries are another wonderful addition to the BD Batteries lineup, these batteries are sturdy, powerful, and last a long time. The Optima Battery comes in three versions and 17 models to suit your needs. The Red Top line is designed for normal vehicles and regular starting applications. The Yellow Top Batteries are designed for hybrid use, meaning both deep cycle and starting purposes. Finally they round out the lineup with three Blue Top Marine Batteries for wave crashing vibration resistance.

December 19th 2009 BD Batteries completes 3rd full year of business. First full year of business inside our new warehouse in Denver, Colorado. With a home for Deep Cycle batteries in Denver, and 2 day point shipping all the way to hubs in New York. BD Batteries continues to offer the most popular, economical, and widely used AGM batteries on the market. The BD Batteries lineup includes many items including, deep cycle batteries, solar panels, wires, fuses, diodes, battery boxes, and more to complete your project.

April 1st, 2010 BD Batteries begins to open Canadian Operations.... LOL :) Ooops. Just kidding.
April 2nd, 2010 BD Batteries begins opening of BD Batteries New York Operations in Buffalo New York.
April st, 2015 BD Batteries is acquired by Coastal Battery, in Costa Mesa California.

As always our website catalog is ready to distribute product to individuals nationwide, our delivery team is looking forward to local orders, and our sales team looks forward to your calls. We are able to fill all orders, with any parts you need as we transition into our new establishment.

BD Batteries can augment your company's services with consignment programs to alleviate most up front expenditures. If you routinely work with batteries and want to make it more profitable, call us to set up an appointment for details. All website battery prices include shipping and personal local delivery.
Consignment pricing available to all corporate clients.
Mixed and Pallet Pricing available to those with established accounts.

BD Batteries - A Division of Coastal Battery
Corporate Accounts, Vendors, Installers, Electricians, and others interested in setting up an account.

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